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Tan Resort

Your Indoor Tanning Getaway

Professional Airbrush Care

Before and After Airbrush Care

Before Spray Tan:

Before your spray tan, you will need to exfoliate.  We offer exfoliates and a cleanser to balance the pH levels in your skin.  While you are in the shower and after you have shaved, washed your body and hair, then you will rub the exfoliate over your body in a circular motion to remove dead skin. Once you have exfoliated, do not put anything on your skin.  No soap, lotion, makeup, perfume, deodorant, etc. Any product on your skin after exfoliation can keep our solution from absorbing evenly.

During Spray Tan:

You can do the spray tan anyway you feel comfortable, whether topless, nude, bra/panties, swimsuit, etc., it is completely up to you.  Your comfort is our priority. 

After Spray Tan:

Wear loose clothing to put on after tan. Keep your skin completely dry and clean. You do not want to get wet or sweat. Do not apply lotion, makeup, perfume, deodorant, etc., until you have taken your shower first.  Take your shower the following day.  When you take your first shower, you will see some color wash off, this is normal, this is just cosmetic bronzer washing off, not your tan. Once you've taken your first shower, then you can start applying lotion. While you have a spray tan, do not use a loofah or rag, only your hand and a shower gel to wash.

We offer a wide variety of products to extend the life of your tan.

These instructions are applicable to Versa Spa spray tan and Professional Airbrush services.

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